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At Carrier, our approach to sustainability is rooted in three beliefs:

  • Green products must start at a green company.
  • Global dialogue can rebalance the built environment with the natural environment.
  • Green building will accelerate with education.

We structure our investments, global outreach and customer approach to achieve each of these beliefs.

Sustainable Solutions

At Carrier, we make the world a better place to live. On Earth Day and every day, our sustainable solutions have a positive impact on daily life – at work, at home, on the road, on the ocean and in communities.

Natural Leadership

At Carrier, sustainability leadership is something that comes naturally. Our founders were inventors. Our brands pioneered industries. Our products changed the world. And along the way, a focus on sustainability and preserving natural resources has endured as a guiding principle.

Whether developing efficient, new products, building green factories or enhancing operations, Carrier brands have often been the first to reach new milestones in sustainability. But leadership means more than being first. It means consistently getting better. So we innovate. We set more aggressive goals. We improve everything we do, every day.

Of course, leadership isn’t about what you can do on your own—it’s about working together for something greater. That’s why we share what we know with the world through education, training, research and partnerships. From fueling the green building movement globally to improving the cold chain and feeding a growing planet, Carrier is making our world a better place to live today—and for generations to come.

It’s simply what leaders do. And to us, it’s only natural.

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Metric tons of CO2e SAVED.



Measuring avoided greenhouse gas emissions since 2000.